The major saffron of the world is cultivated in Iran

saffron has a high value in the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors due to its color, aroma and properties, such as anti-depressant or anti-cancer.

It is also considered to be the most valuable agricultural product and the most expensive spice in the world, as the Red Gold of Iran



Three strands of saffron stigma connected together.So, strands of saffron stigma skeined, it seems beauty appearance and more volume, this saffron is more appropriate in market than other classes so it is more expensive


All red (sargol)


Style (white part of saffron) is removed and all red saffron is produced (Cut filament saffron).



Whenever style of saffron separated from flower, stigma will have 1-3mm cream, this kind of saffron called Pushali.



Stigma have 4-5 mm style. Strands of saffron tied by white thin yarn and will be dried smoothly.

Konj (style)


When sargol separated from bounch, remain white part of saffron, that called “white saffron or style”.